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About Us

Originally supplying bespoke solutions to the Explosives community, our cutting edge ideas soon grew in popularity with members of Special Forces and Explosive Ordnance Disposal units. EODiwear® has now opened up some of these exciting products to the marketplace.

Sunglasses - designed by professionals for professionals

We design our lenses, frames and every tiny detail to work together with the result that our sunglasses not only look and feel great but also deliver exceptional performance.

EODiwear® sunglasses feature Xylex or Polycarbonate frames and tough shatter resistant lenses. They are comfortable enough for downtime yet functional and rugged enough for the challenges that life throws at us. All models offer 100% UV protection, have fog resistant polarised lenses, meet or exceed EN1836: 2005 standards and carry the renowned European Union 'CE' compliance mark.

Our scratch-resistant lenses are de-centred, which negates the possibility of distortion caused by lens curvature.

Each pair of sunglasses comes with its own unique certification card and now, for the first time they are available to the general public.

"I have been involved with worldwide Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Marine Salvage for many years in some very challenging conditions ranging from the heat and sand of the desert to the sub-zero white out of the arctic. I understand the needs of the professional and so teamed up with some of the industry's top designers to produce the EOD® range of sunglasses. I am sure you won't be disappointed".

Dean Simpson
EODiwear® CEO

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